Unfinished Business is our new series on the Book of Titus.

In this short letter Paul charged Titus to straighten out whatever is crooked and to take care of any unfinished business (1:5). This is what we aim to do with the help of God our Savior.

In this series we will learn how to become a grace-shaped community in a sin-twisted culture.

We will start with the foundation which is God our Savior. Then we will move to the construction which requires the work of every member of God’s household. After that we will move to decoration which involves the gracious work of God’s Spirit in our good works. Finally, we will move to completion which includes a few final instructions.

Image: dougmenuez
Image: doug menuez


8.03 – 1:1-4


8.10 – 1:5-9

8.17 – 1:10-16

8.24 – 2:1-10*

8.31 – 2:11-14

9.07 – 2:1, 7-8, 15


9.14 – 3:1-2

9.21 – 3:3-7*

9.28 – 3:8-11


10.05 – 3:12-15


Outline inspired by the table of contents of The Unfinished Church by Rob Bentz.