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Joseph: Stories of God’s Providence for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Gen 37-50)

1/18 Sanctity of Life: A Sermon for Kids on Joseph’s Birth — Genesis 30:22-24; Luke 18:15-17
1/25 Genesis 37:1-11
2/1 Genesis 37:12-36*
2/8 Genesis 39
2/15 Genesis 40
2/22 Genesis 41:1-45
3/1 Genesis 41:46-57
3/8 Genesis 42*
3/15 Genesis 43
3/22 Genesis 44
4/12 Genesis 45
4/19 Genesis 46:1-47:12
4/26 Genesis 47:13-31
5/3 Genesis 48
5/10 Genesis 49:1-50:14
5/17 Genesis 50:15-26*



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Joseph and the Passion of our Lord by Gary A. Anderson
Three Falls and Three Heroes by James B. Jordan
The Joseph Story by Patrick Henry Reardon
Table Talk / Ligonier Ministries