A covenant is a stipulated commitment under divine sanctions.
— Dr Doug Gropp

A divine covenant is a sovereign administration of grace and of promise.
— Dr John Murray

Sermons (Notes and Audio)

Adam: God’s Promise to Rescue the World in Christ

Noah: God’s Promise to Remake the World in Christ

Abraham: God’s Promise to Reward the World in Christ

Moses: God’s Promise to Reconcile the World in Christ

David: God’s Promise to Rule the World in Christ

Jesus: God’s Promise to Restore the World in Christ

Recommended Resources

Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter VIII


Christ of the Covenants – O. Palmer Robertson

Reformed Dogmatics – Herman Bavinck (Volume Three, Part Two, Chapters 5-6)

The Promises of God – RC Sproul

The Covenant of Grace – John Murray

Why and What: A Brief Introduction to Christianity – Douglas Jones
Order the booklet here.)


Tabletalk – Covenant Theology

Covenant by Michael Horton

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