A Prayer of Praise

PCA General Assembly 25 June 2019 It was an honor to participate in the Pre-Assembly Prayer Meeting at General Assembly. … More

mystical union

The triune God owes us nothing, yet gives us everything. He is worthy of praise because he has blessed us … More

Sermons: January to March 2019

Listen to sermons on Media Player or iTunes Epiphany Series: The Gospel according to the Psalms Psalm 32: Gimme Shelter Psalm 78: Story … More

Three Cords and the Truth

Originally posted on JMT:
Understanding how the three persons [of the trinity] work together answers many of our concerns regarding the…

Trinitarian Salvation

Christ Covenant Church Rev. Marq Toombs 3 February 2019 Epiphany Listen to sermons on Media Player or iTunes [ sketch notes ] Mini-series … More

Of the Holy Trinity

The Father loves you. Jesus is on your side. The Spirit is for you. God is relentless.* — “In the … More

Sermon Schedule 2019

CHRISTIAN CALENDAR NEW YEAR Advent The Mothers of Jesus (Matthew’s Genealogy) December 2 – Tamar: #MeToo, Shame, and the Gospel of … More