Forged Obedience

To prepare for our new series on the atoning work of God in Christ for the salvation of sinners, I commend the following excerpt from John Murray's book Redemption: Accomplished & Applied. -- Christ's obedience was vicarious in the bearing of the full judgment of God upon sin, and it was vicarious in the full discharge of... Continue Reading →


And should not I pity Nineveh, that great city, in which there are more than 120,000 persons who do not know their right hand from their left, and also much cattle? Tim Challies' reflections on the last verse of Jonah are worthy of consideration. He asks some penetrating questions (some of which are better geared... Continue Reading →

Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport?

In a mysterious twist of providence, the tragic shooting at Las Vegas and the release of the new film Calvinism happened on the same day. That brought to my mind Richard Mouw's fine little book Calvinism in a Las Vegas Airport. The book opens with a re-telling of a scene from the movie Hardcore. A stodgy Christian... Continue Reading →


Calvin paraphrasing Augustine on church reform.  "To the pious and placid his advice is, mercifully to correct what they can, and to bear patiently with what they cannot correct, in love lamenting and mourning until God either reform or correct, or at the harvest root up the tares, and scatter the chaff.  Let all the... Continue Reading →

gospel prosperity

Descent into suffering is followed by ascent into glory. Our story is very much like that. I take you back to just three summers ago. That's when we began our descent into suffering. The tribulation and the poverty that came upon us in those days! The slander of people who spoke ill of us! We... Continue Reading →

The Return of the King (Reprise)

In light of our recent sermons on Revelation 21-22, you might be interested in this excerpt from The Return of the King -- part three of J.R.R. Tolkien's epic masterpiece The Lord of the Rings. Here the story of the long-awaited return of the king is recounted in splendid detail. As you will see, Tolkien's fantastic vision... Continue Reading →

Cross the River

In light of our recent sermons on Revelation 21-22, here's an excerpt from John Bunyan's imaginative dream Pilgrim's Progress. So I saw that when they awoke, they addressed themselves to go up to the city. But, as I said, the reflection of the sun upon the city (for the city was pure gold, Rev. 21:18,)... Continue Reading →

God Wrote a Book The people of God are a people of the book. But that doesn't mean that everyone has always enjoyed access to the book. For millenia the people of God were taught the word of God by prophets and priests in their own language at the temple, in synagogues, and in the public square. Parents... Continue Reading →

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