Good News for All Nations

Jon Marq Toombs September 2017 Galatians 3:6-14 Ordinary Time Analogy: Redemptive-Historical preaching is like shuffling a deck of cards. You … More

Reverse the Curse

a poetic reflection on John 19:2-20:18 and Genesis 3:17-19 by JMT The land was cursed because of Adam; in pain … More

New Days

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A Fun Exercise

One reason Jesus washed the disciples’ feet is because he loved them and wanted to serve them by practicing hospitality. The custom … More

Quite Contrary

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Dust to Dust

CREATION IN THE OT: GENESIS AND BEYOND We continue our study of creation in the OT this Sunday at 4 PM. Come … More

Monsters and Men

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The Unknown God

Genesis: The Origin of the Story Adult & Youth Bible Class 10 July, 2016 Text: Acts 17:22-31; Genesis 1:1-2 MISSIONAL … More