Unwelcome Visitor

Christ Covenant Church Rev. Marq Toombs 7 October 2018 Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost / Ordinary Time Listen to sermons on Media … More

A Fisherman’s Harvest

Christ Covenant Church Jon Marq Toombs 22 January 2017 / Third Sunday After the Epiphany John 21:1-14 Listen Here [A midrash, not … More

All for One

As someone has said: A sermon is never done until the Wednesday after you preach it. That is truer some … More

Shepherd and Sheep

A Brief Reflection on John 10 and Psalm 23 by JMT In John 10, Jesus reveals himself as the Good … More

Worship Order

Covenant Renewal Worship 7 August 2016 Ordinary Time Lord’s Day 32 Bible Classes/Escuela Dominical – 4pm + Worship/Culto de Adoracion … More

X-rated Vision

In the OT a son of man goes up to the temple in the Spirit and sees the glory of … More

Water and Spirit?

Side-Notes on John 3:5 Water and Spirit? by JMT According to Lesslie Newbigin[1] and Tom Wright[2], the water in “born … More

The Heavens Opened

Brian Neil Peterson’s book on John’s use of Ezekiel is interesting and insightful. His attention to detail is impressive. Consider … More