Expose the Darkness

A few after-thoughts on Ephesians 5:11-14 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it … More

True Church Growth?

At Christ Covenant Church, our growth has been more incremental than exponential, more spiritual than numerical. This has sparked many … More


MC EVENING PRAYER FOR FAMILIES BEFORE THE EVENING MEAL Psalm 78 – Give ear, O my people, to my teaching; … More

Late Show Creed

Thoughts on a recent Late Show interview. + “It has nothing to do with the credibility of the truth; it has … More

Year End Giving

DONATE We are a small, Reformed, Presbyterian, cross-cultural church with a big heart for Christ, the church, and our communities. … More

Missional Hospitality

Vivo 2018 Workshop: Let’s Have a Carne Asada! Rev. Marq Toombs 7 October 2018 Missional Hospitality is loving others with … More

Dismissing Jubilee?

It was “Dismissing Jesus: How We Evade the Way of the Cross” (2013) by Doug Jones that first started me … More