About 15 years ago this congregation was started by former members of a local Church of Christ. For the past 12* years she has been reforming and transforming in various ways, according to the Spirit and word of God. Over the past 2 years the church has enjoyed the blessings and benefits of being part of... Continue Reading →

LPS Guys + Morning Prayer

Fathers and Sons / Lakewood Presbyterian School Meeting Tuesday at 6:30 am Starbucks (near LPS) 7325 Gaston Ave #100 Dallas, TX 75206 Led by Pastor Marq Toombs From Psalm 51 Open my lips, O Lord, * and my mouth shall proclaim your praise. Create in me a clean heart, O God, * and renew a right... Continue Reading →

Java Reforma

On All Saints Day in 2007 I started a weekly Table Talk at Java Ranch, once a local coffee house. The original plan was to hold two or three meetings to answer questions about election and predestination around a table over coffee. (My sermon on Trinitarian Salvation from Ephesians 1 had generated a variety of... Continue Reading →

Faithful Presence

Several years ago I preached a brief sermon series called Confessions of a Wannabe Minister in which I lowered my guard a little in an effort to let people see ministry from the inside out. In that spirit I share the following. Not long ago it struck me that dealing with the various of circumstances and... Continue Reading →

gospel prosperity

Descent into suffering is followed by ascent into glory. Our story is very much like that. I take you back to just three summers ago. That's when we began our descent into suffering. The tribulation and the poverty that came upon us in those days! The slander of people who spoke ill of us! We... Continue Reading →


Brothers and sisters, We have the honor of hosting our presbytery next meeting on August 11-12. There will be a worship service on Friday night. Exams, reports, and other business will take place on Saturday morning. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend both days. Hosting means we will need to provide lots of bread... Continue Reading →


Christ Covenant Church will be hosting a "Meeting for Better Understanding" event on Saturday, May 13. The objective of a ‘Meeting for Better Understanding’ (or MBU) is to promote a mutual understanding of what Muslims and Christians believe. MBUs are not debates. Criticism of either the Muslim or Christian religion is not encouraged since that... Continue Reading →

Pastor Samaritano

Mensaje para Casa del Lago 15 - 16 de Febrero 2017 Texto:  Juan 4:13-15 Historia da forma a la vida. Historia moldea nuestra vida. Hay muchas historias, mitos, y leyendas, pero quiero que veamos como la historia verdadera de las buenas nuevas de Jesucristo da forma a nuestras vidas. Story shapes life. Story forms our... Continue Reading →

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