July / Julio

Vacations / Vacaciones — Many of us have the privilege of getting away for a few days this summer. As … More


Last Sunday was Transfiguration Sunday. It marked the transition from Epiphany to Lent, from a missional season to a penitential … More

Sermon Schedule 2019

CHRISTIAN CALENDAR NEW YEAR Advent The Mothers of Jesus (Matthew’s Genealogy) December 2 – Tamar: #MeToo, Shame, and the Gospel of … More

The Christian Calendar

Over the past few years you have heard us talk about the Christian Calendar. We have said that we are a … More


The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham was the father of … More


Reunión del presbiterio – 2-3 de noviembre 7 PM Viernes: Culto 8 am-12pm Sábado: Exámenes, informes, otros asuntos. Organizado por … More


Presbytery Meeting – November 2-3 7 PM Friday: Worship 8am-12pm Saturday: Exams, Reports, Business. Hosted by New City Fellowship at For … More


Children’s Bible Class + 4 PM Sunday Adult Bible Class + 4 PM Missional Community + Wednesday Evenings Sermon Series … More

(Extra)Ordinary Time?

We are a people who tell time differently than other people. We still use the same clocks and schedules as … More