Ministry Momentum

Christ Covenant Church Rev. Marq Toombs 28 April 2019 Second Sunday of Easter Series on 1 Thessalonians — The Future … More

Mothers of Jesus Christ

A Four-Part Series on Women in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ. God gathered the frayed threads of their stories and wove … More

Worship Order + Advent 4

Covenant Renewal WorshipLord’s Day 5123 December 2018Fourth Sunday of AdventWorship / Culto de Adoración – 5 pmOut of the mouth of infants … More

Worship Order + Advent 2

Covenant Renewal WorshipLord’s Day 499 December 2018Second Sunday of AdventWorship/Culto de Adoración – 5 pmMeeting at : 2850 Eastglen Blvd  Mesquite, Texas … More