May 24 – Pentecost: Spirit, Gospel, Mission – Acts 2:1-40

May 31 – The Gospel is for Hyper-Religious People – Acts 3:11-26

June 7 – The Gospel is for Devout God-Seekers – Acts 10:1-48

June 14 – The Gospel is for Traditional Church-goers – Acts 13:13-52

June 21 – The Gospel is for Idolaters, Philosophers, and Poets – Acts 17:16-34

June 28 – The Gospel is for Politicians: For Kings, Governors, Judges, and All who are in high positions – Acts 26:1-29

July 5 – The Jerusalem Council, SCOTUS, and You – Acts 15:28-29

July 12 – The Jerusalem Council and the Communion of Saints – Acts 15:1-31

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