Looking Ahead

Last month I wrote a report on the life and times of our ministry at Christ Covenant Church for some fellows presbyters. This was among the many true, good, and beautiful things I said about our congregation:

We were a little more numerous (and far less healthy) at one point, but our average attendance is now holding fairly steady at around 60. That includes all members, regular attenders, and repeat visitors. And lots of little kids.

Only a few of us has a presbyterian background, so we’re growing up in these things together. As for gospel ministry we are doing the best we can to present a faithful witness to our community.

The congregation and Session are striving to serve the Lord and make good use of the ordinary means of grace inside and outside the church (in our mission to the world and our worship before God).

In retrospect, it might have been easier for someone to start a PCA church from scratch in our area, but Providence did not give us that option, so here we are such as we are.

There’s no place my family and I would rather be serving. We love this faithful congregation.

I share all this to encourage you to hold fast and press on towards the goal of the upward call in Christ.

As we approach the new year, we will encounter new challenges, new opportunities, and new experiences.

These are just a few of the good things cued up for us in 2019:

  1. Sunday School: As our children grow and mature, the need for additional age-appropriate classes also grows. That means we need to form another class for the older kids and perhaps find a couple more teachers. Parents and Teachers, we welcome your input and ideas on ways to improve and expand our Sunday School. Look for a meeting soon.
  2. MCs Forney and Sunnyvale: We are looking at a few more practical ways to improve our gatherings. This includes devoting more time to prayer, sharing monthly devotionals at Gregg’s Place, rotating leaders, processing the sermon, combining MCs more frequently, and holding quarterly gatherings for Guys (with their sons) and Girls (with their daughters). Look for more details soon.
  3. Elders: The Session has been working and praying towards identifying and equipping some men to serve as church officers. Look for an opportunity to nominate a few faithful men to serve well as ruling elders. See the Book of Church ~ Chapters 8 and 24 for qualifications, expectations, and instructions.
  4. Prayer: We are convicted by the Holy Spirit and the word of God that we need to become a people of prayer. So, look for more occasions to pray with your elders before, during, and after worship, to pray with each other at MCs, and to pray for one another at other times.

A few days ago I called an older pastor-friend for some advice on a technical matter. As always, his advice was pastoral and practical. In the course of our conversation he encouraged me to rejoice in what the Lord has been doing among us to this point — and to rejoice in what the Lord will do among us going forward. His congregation is on the older side, made up of faithful elderly saints. By contrast, our congregation is quite young, made up of many little children. They hold funerals; we throw baby showers. From his perspective, we have a very bright and hopeful future ahead of us.

I totally agree.