father saw him

The father “saw” his son.

There is a great deal in that word, “saw.” He saw who it was; saw where he had come from; saw the swineherd’s dress; saw the filth upon his hands and feet; saw his rags; saw his penitent look; saw what he had been; saw what he was; and saw what he would soon be.

“His father saw him.”

God has a way of seeing men and women that you and I cannot understand. He sees right through us at a glance, as if we were made of glass; He sees all our past, present and future.

“When he was yet a great way off, his father saw him.”

It was not with icy eyes that the father looked on his returning son. Love leaped into them.

Charles Spurgeon, “Many Kisses for Returning Sinners”

Sermon on Luke 15:20