Prodigal Scripts

In the early years of my ministry at what was then New Hope Church of Christ I spent a lot of time teaching in and around Luke 15. In fact, it was one of the first stories I preached when I was called as the preaching minister. Twelve years feels like a life-time ago.

Here are the notes that survived all the transitions from CoC to PCA.

Stumbling Towards Mercy

Prodigal God

True Elder Brother

Prodigal Truths 

The Father’s Eyes 

Stumbling Towards Mercy (Redux) 


Raging Against Grace 

Prodigal Father

Prodigal Sons

I will be preaching on the parable of the prodigals (again for the first time!) this Lord’s day.

Same story, different vantage point.

If you’re far away, come home. The Father is waiting for you! If you’re nearby, come home. The Father welcomes you with open arms!