Echoes of Jonah 1 in Acts 10.
by JMT

The word of the Lord came to Jonah and troubled him. A vision from the Lord came to Peter and troubled him.

Jonah means dove. Peter means rock, but his surname was Simon Bar-Jonah which means son of a dove.

Joppa was the place where the prophet Jonah entered a ship with Gentiles sailors. Joppa is also the place where the apostle Peter entered a house of Gentiles.

For Jonah, Joppa was a stage on the journey to Tarshish. For Peter, Joppa was a stage of the mission to the ends of the earth.

Gentile sailors on the ship were converted from idol-worshipers to God-fearers at Jonah’s word. Cornelius and his household were converted from God-fearers to Christ’s disciples at Peter’s word.

The Gentiles sailors feared the Lord, made vows, and worshiped. Cornelius and his household feared God, gave alms, and magnified the Lord.

Jonah was baptized in the sea and saved by a great fish; Cornelius and his household were baptized with water and saved by the Truer and Greater Fish ( ICHTHUS = Jesus Christ Son of God Savior).

Jonah and Peter were sent as messenger doves to the Gentiles. The Spirit is the true and better Dove who was poured out on all flesh.