“I’m gonna raise a fuss,
I’m gonna raise a holler”

Summer is my least favorite season of the year. Not only because of the insufferable Texas heat, but also because of the inconsistency and instability of congregational ministry that comes with it. Like (grand)parents who never seem to see their (grand)children enough, I find myself longing for the time when the dog days of summer shall finally come to end and all our flock will come together once again on the Lord’s day for worship and Bible Class, and in MCs. Believe it or not, every presence is joy and every absence is sorrow. “But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.”

Here’s a quick run down of some upcoming dates and events that you should know about:

July 31-August 6 — Marq and Family will be visiting kinfolk in Kentucky. Pray for traveling mercies.

August 5 — Work and Cleaning Day with members of Calvary First at the church building from 8am til noon. We need as many helpers as possible to get the building ready for presbytery and other ministries.

August 6 — Bo Cogbill will preach the word in my absence. Rev. Caleb Dunn will administer the Lord’s supper.

August 11-12 — Presbytery Meeting. Worship at 7 pm Friday; Exams and other business at 8 am Saturday. Bo’s licensure exam will take place on Saturday morning. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

There’s really nothing to fuss and holler about. Pray that the Lord will bless our ministry efforts and preserve us in his grace.


Image: research.noaa.gov