Christ Covenant Church will be hosting a “Meeting for Better Understanding” event on Saturday, May 13.

The objective of a ‘Meeting for Better Understanding’ (or MBU) is to promote a mutual understanding of what Muslims and Christians believe. MBUs are not debates. Criticism of either the Muslim or Christian religion is not encouraged since that would lead to arguments which are not productive. Nor is the objective to encourage either side to compromise its message or mix the two faiths.

But neither are they just dialogues. The goal, simply put, is to promote a better understanding between Muslims and Christians, and, as a secondary benefit, to promote more open and comfortable relationships between individual members of the two faiths as they get to know each other as neighbors and friends on a personal basis.

Rev. Imad Aubrey (a minister at Town North Presbyterian Church) will be leading our Adult Class in Sunday School for the next two weeks. This will give us perspective and prepare us to love and serve our neighbors as ourselves — even our Muslim neighbors — as Christ our Lord taught us in the Gospel.

See the Guidelines and Order of Event below.


Guidelines: The following guidelines are structured to achieve these objectives and are to be observed during each MBU:


1. Each speaker has twenty minutes to speak on the topic and should speak only on that topic.

2. The objective of each speaker is to explain what their holy book says about the topic.

a. The Christian speaker is to explain what the Bible teachers about the topic

b. The Muslim speaker is to explain what the Quran teachers about the topic

c. Both speakers will refrain from commenting on or criticizing the teachings of the other’s faith

Questions and Answer Period:

1. A 45 minute question-and-answer period is held after both speakers have presented their messages.

2. Questions can be written or taken orally.

3. Questions:

a. The purpose of the questions is to further the understanding of the audience on the given topic. Thus, questions should be closely related to the topic.

b. Questions should not be argumentative or critical of the speaker or of the theological position espoused by the Quran or Bible

c. They should not to be statements of the views of the questioners.

4. Questions can be directed to one or both of the speakers.

5. Each speaker may follow up on the answer of the other speaker once. Other questions that are of personal interest but not related to the topic may be discussed in individual conversations after the formal sessions.


1. The moderator for each meeting is to be chosen by the group that hosts the meeting.

2. It is the responsibility of the moderator to insure that the above guidelines are followed. This includes

a. Explaining to the audience the purpose of the MBU and the guidelines described above prior to the start of the meeting

b. Ensuring that both speakers stay with their allotted time limits

c. Approving all questions (written or oral) prior to the speaker addressing the question

d. Ending the question and answer session at the appropriate time

There should be ample time after the formal meeting for people to meet personally with members of the other faith. Refreshments may be served either before or after the question- and-answer session.