Just a quick note to let everyone know about a couple of schedule changes for MCs Sunnyvale and Forney.

In our desire to serve this congregation of God’s people, and in an effort to help make the Lord’s day of rest and worship more restful and worshipful, we will no longer do MCs on Sunday mornings. Instead, we will do MCs during the week — sorta like we did during Advent.

MC Forney will meet on Wednesday evenings. MC Sunnyvale will meet on Thursday evenings. Check your respective Facebook groups for details about your MC’s times, locations, et al.

Our MCs are organized by geography (as far as possible) to make gathering as convenient as possible. However, we know unforeseen things pop up from time to time. So, if you cannot gather with your regular MC, but you still want to touch base with folks from our congregation midweek, feel free to visit another MC.

Just do your best to participate in MCs — and don’t neglect gathering with your regular MC.

Since MCs will be meeting in the evenings during the week, we want to make the best use of our time together. We realize people need to eat after work, and then get up early for work and school. We also know that God’s people need one another. 

Our MCs are intended to help meet that need. 

Ideally, the midweek gatherings will become a time to eat together, share life together, pray together — and witness together. So bring your family and invite your friends and neighbors.

These schedule changes do not affect MC Mesquite. They will keep doing all the good they are doing on Wednesday evenings. MC Mesquite does a very good job of bringing “missional” and “commmunity” together around the gospel. We hope to see more of that in our other MCs going forward this year. 

If you have any questions about these things please call, text, or email Marq or Bo.