Christ Covenant Church
Jon Marq Toombs
10 November 2016 / Ordinary Time

[ Here’s a prayer I wrote in April 2006. ]

Father Gardener, connect us to the Vine that we may permanently abide in him, and that the power of the Spirit may nourish us, and flow through us to create vibrant fruit.

Father Gardener, clean us by the truth and grace of the Incarnate Word, that we may hold out and show forth the fruit of the Triune God in our lives.

Father Gardener, cause us to love one another deeply, down to the tap root, that no branch should wither and wilt, but that all should support the weight of the Spirit’s fruit.

Father Gardener, cut us not off the saving Vine and cast us not away from your life-giving Spirit, but connect us to the Spirit-Vine permanently to the praise of your Glory and Grace. Amen

Based on John 15:1-8