Here are some things we learned this past Lord’s Day:

MC – Gospel in Life (Gal 1:10-24)

Saul was a terrorist before he was an evangelist.

Basically, Saul followed his own heart and did what seemed right in his own eyes. — Kyle D.

God works through both ordinary means (like word, prayer, and sacraments) and extra-ordinary means (like visions) to reveal Jesus Christ to people he has set apart for salvation.

Even though Saul was set apart from birth, he was not called and converted until he was in his 40’s — after he had done many terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things.

Creation in the OT

God is sovereign over monsters and men.

God made monsters and beasts on the 5th day. Then he made man on the 6th day and sent him on mission to take dominion and rule over those beasts and monsters. The first man Adam failed. Then God sent Jesus on mission to take dominion and rule over the beasts and monsters of the world. The last man did what the first man failed to do. (Genesis 1-3; Daniel 7)

When God wants to destroy hideous and ferocious beasts, he does not send another beast. He sends a son of man to strike the beast with a stone. (Daniel 7)

Over time, the serpent in Eden evolved into a massive red dragon. The red dragon recruited the beast of politics and the beast of religion to wage war on the shepherd-lamb and his flock. But the shepherd destroys the beasts and the dragon by laying down his life and taking it up again. Thus, the lamb takes away the sin of the world. (Rev 12-14)

Sin dehumanizes us. Nebuchadnezzar was cursed and turned into a grass-chewing, dew-soaked beast (Dan 4). Adam and Eve first covered themselves with leaves; then they were driven out from the garden-temple wearing aninal skins (Gen 3). Dogs return to vomit and pigs return to mud holes (2 Pet 2).

Sermon and Communion

Jesus had real friends — male and female friends. He loved them and they loved him.

Like we do in moments of crisis, Jesus cried out “Where are you?” from the cross. — Bo C.