Now, if you believe that you are part of God’s flock, that you are a lamb or a sheep under the Shepherd’s care,

how shall you live, move, and exist,

how will you behave, change, grow?

If you believe that you dwell in the presence of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; that you are held safely and securely in the Shepherd’s hands; and that you are held closely to the Savior’s heart,

who will you listen to?

who will you know; who will you ignore?

who will you follow, who will you flee?

who will you trust, who will you seek?

If you believe that you are a sheep who will never ever perish, and that no one — including the devil — can snatch you from the hands of the Father and Son,

why would you presume on God’s grace by living

like goats who will perish,

like dogs who return to their vomit,

like pigs who wallow in the mud?

why not practice God’s grace by living

like sheep dying to sin and living to righteousness,

like sheep returning to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls,

like sheep eating clean food and fresh water?