Guilt & Grace

For the rest of July our MCs will explore Qs 82-88 of the Shorter Catechism. This section deals with our guilt for disobeying the Law and with God’s grace to forgive our sins and to help us obey God’s Law.

Bo will be leading in Forney, Marq will be leading in Sunnyvale.

July 10 – Guilt / SC Qs 82-84
Q. 82. Is any man able perfectly to keep the commandments of God?
A. No mere man since the fall is able in this life perfectly to keep the commandments of God (Eccl 7:201 John 1:8, 10Gal 5:17), but does daily break them in thought, word, and deed (Gen 6:5; 8:21Rom 3:9-21Jas 3:2-13).
Q. 83. Are all transgressions of the law equally heinous?
A. Some sins in themselves, and by reason of several aggravations, are more heinous in the sight of God than others (Ps 78:17, 32, 56Ezek 8:6, 13, 15Matt 11:20-24John 19:111 John 5:16).
Q. 84. What doth every sin deserve?
A. Every sin deserves God’s wrath and curse, both in this life, and that which is to come (Eph 5:6Gal 3:10Lam 3:39Matt 25:41Jas 2:10).
July 17 – Grace / SC Qs 85-87
Q. 85. What doth God require of us, that we may escape his wrath and curse due to us for sin?
A. To escape the wrath and curse of God due to us for sin, God requires of us faith in Jesus Christ, repentance unto life (Mark 1:15Acts 20:21), with the diligent use of all the outward means whereby Christ communicates to us the benefits of redemption (Prov 2:1-6; 8:33-36Isa 55:3Acts 2:381 Cor 11:24-25Col 3:16).
Q. 86. What is faith in Jesus Christ?
A. Faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace (Eph 2:8-9Rom 4:16Heb 10:39), whereby we receive (John 1:12Isa 26:3-4) and rest upon him alone for salvation (Phil 3:9), as he is offered to us in the gospel (John 20:30-31Gal 2:16Isa 33:22).
Q. 87. What is repentance unto life?
A. Repentance unto life is a saving grace (Acts 11:182 Tim 2:25), whereby a sinner, out of a true sense of his sin (Acts 2:37-38), and apprehension of the mercy of God in Christ (Ps 51:1-4Jer 3:22Joel 2:12Luke 15:7, 10), does, with grief and hatred of his sin, turn from it unto God (Jer 31:18-19Ezek 36:31Luke 1:16-171 Thess 1:9), with full purpose of, and endeavor after, new obedience (2 Chr 7:14Ps 119:59Isa 1:16-17Matt 3:82 Cor 7:11).
July 24 – Grace / SC Qs 88
Q. 88. What are the outward means whereby Christ communicates to us the benefits of redemption?
A. The outward and ordinary means whereby Christ communicates to us the benefits of redemption, are his ordinances, especially the Word, sacraments, and prayer; all which are made effectual to the elect for salvation (Matt 28:19-20)


Starting in August we will walk through Galatians: Living in Line with the Truth of the Gospel (Preview:

Marq be leading in Forney, Bo will be leading in Sunnyvale.

Image: Andrew Hochradel / museperk

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