Exegetical Fragments / Cutting Room Floor Material

One of the things we like to do is read the Bible forwards and backwards and backwards and forwards. In other words, we want to see how the Holy Spirit uses scripture to interpret and illuminate scripture.

Here are two examples of that approach to reading the Bible.

Last year while working through Genesis on the Life of Joseph I picked up on some interesting hooks, echoes, and links between Genesis 43 and two stories in the Gospel of John.

1) Consider the resonances between Genesis 43 and John 4.

Genesis 43 / John 4

father Israel / father Jacob

water / living water

noon / heat of the day

Egyptians not eating with Hebrews / Samaritans and Jews not eating together;

drink merrily / never thirst

2) Consider some the resonances between Genesis 43 and John 13.

Genesis 43 / John 13

make ready / preparation

wash feet / wash feet

wash face / wash head

seated oldest to youngest / who is the greatest?

steward-Master / Master-servant

compassion grew warm / troubled in spirit

table, portions, wine / table, bread, wine;

Simeon / Simon Peter

Judah / Judas

Benjamin / disciple whom Jesus loved

money in bags / moneybag

I will leave it to you to match the verses, fill in the sketches, and put skin on the bones. Suffice it say for now that in these stories, the Lord Jesus Christ is our most gracious Host.

Jesus is the true and better steward who welcomes you into his house, prepares a feast for you, and give you rest.

Jesus is the true and better servant who pronounces peace over you, and washes your dirty heart and sore feet, and refreshes your fearful and troubled soul.

Jesus is the true and better Joseph who is merciful and gracious to sinners; who has compassion on the helpless and harassed; who weeps with those who weep, and rejoices with those who rejoice.

Jesus is the true and better Joseph who spreads a table before you in the presence of your enemies; who sends you abundant gifts from his table; who makes your cup overflow and gladdens your hearts with wine; who chases after you with goodness and steadfast love all the days of your life; and prepares a place for you so that you may dwell in his house forever.