Senior Sunday: We will honor graduating senior Wes Esquivel IV this Sunday after worship. Until recently, he played stand up Bass with our worship musicians, brought friends to the church, and participated in Bible classes and missional communities. (Due to his work schedule he has not been able to do as much as he would like, but we are thankful for all that was able to do.) We look forward to seeing what the Lord will accomplish through him in coming years. Wes will be presented with a gift of a Bible and a money tree.

Carne Asada: Weather permitting we will hold the fiesta at Sunnyvale Park after worship this Sunday. (If it rains, we will hold it at CP.) Asking $5 per family to offset cost of meats.

RSVP: Please let everyone know (1) how many in your family (2) what you will bring from the list above. Thanks // Favor de dejarnos saber (1) cuantos de su familia participaran (2) que va a traer de la lista sugerida. Gracias [Send email or leave comment on fb invite in CCC group.]

Town Hall: Marq, Bo, and Clemente attended a town hall meeting on the issue of reaching out to our immigrant neighbors here in Mesquite. It was informative and encouraging. We look forward to making use of the info we gathered and the resources available to us.

Ascension: Thursday, May 14 is Ascension Day, the 40th day after Easter, the day when Jesus ascended into heaven (Acts 1:9). You are invited to my house for an Ascension Day gathering. Come one, come all. Let’s lift our eyes up to Christ! This Thursday 7-8 PM.

Mission: Our New Sermon Series — Spirit-powered Mission (Stories from the Book of Acts) — starts May 24.

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