Tests before Rest


“Here is what we learn: God prefers the impossible. Although he often cares for our needs before we know we have them, his mighty acts are showcased best against the backdrop of insurmountable odds. Anything less would detract from his greatness.”

“Now comes a key feature of this story. Expect to find it in your story as well: God is the One Who Tests, and he will test you. Don’t think of final exams and test anxiety. Think of this test as a way to expose traitors during wartime. We are the potential traitors and don’t even know it. God tests us because we are so oblivious to the mixed allegiances in our hearts. The purpose of the test is to help us see our hearts and if they are found traitorous, we can turn back to God. God is not playing mind games with us; he is forging a relationship.”

Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest
by Edward T. Welch

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