Meal — We will have a fellowship meal after worship this Sunday, August 17. A sign-up list of things to bring and other details are posted in our fb group.

Communion — As we mentioned last week, we will be adjusting and tweaking the way we serve communion  each week. We welcome and appreciate all your feedback on this and other matter. One thing to keep in mind is that whether pass trays, gather around tables, or come to the ministers, we are still communing with Christ and one another.

Sale — We are planning to hold a garage sale at Sun Park on Saturday August 23. We need volunteers to help set up tables, to price and display items, and run the sale. If you wish to serve in this way, please let our deacons know. (Note: All proceeds from the sale will go into the church treasury. This will help off-set some of expenses incurred by our move.)

Budget — The deacons will soon be sharing a budget with all the members of the church that shows our fixed and variable monthly expenses. (They will also be reporting on the agreement reached with Maverick Realty.) As always, we ask that you continue to give according according to your means, and if grace allows, even beyond your means, by giving yourselves first to the Lord and then to the church for the sake of the gospel. Remember to make your offerings to Christ Covenant Church.

Unfinished Business — Titus was left in Crete to straighten out a mess and appoint presbyters and bishops in every church. This week we will explore Titus 1:9-16. Let’s see how God expects the rulers and managers of his house to treat false teachers who cause trouble in his house.

MC — In September we will ask all MCs to take turns setting up before worship and breaking down after worship. Our worship gatherings will be more enjoyable if we serve one another in love. As a minister in New York once asked me, “Whatsamatta? Don’t you wanna be first in the kingdom?”




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